Apps4Learning is an innovative program adopted from a similar program run by in Ottawa, Ontario. Apps4Learning provides students with the opportunity to cross-collaborate on an initiative to build educational apps that complement the school curriculum.  High school students collaborate with elementary school students to develop, design and create an app that is curriculum based. The elementary students are the clients who create the app idea, company name and logo, while the high school students are responsible for app development and programming.


The BEP recruits app developers to be mentors for the high school classes participating in the program. Throughout the semester, mentors visit the high school class they are working with to help them through the product development cycle.


Apps4Learning learning goals include:                                       


Here's what a mentor who has participated in the Apps4Learning program had to say:

"Apps4Learning allows students to explore a real world career path in tech. Through just a few shorts months, I saw some students who had no concept of app development or managing clients deal with the hardships of product development, software lifecycle and meeting deadlines. I think these are skills that any student will be glad to pick up. These are skills that any employer going forward will desire as they are part of the key skills to success in life."



If you are a teacher of an elementary class (grades 5 & 6) or a high school Computer Science or CommTech class (grades 11 & 12), then please contact your school board rep below: